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Pre-ballet Mission Statement:

To create a nurturing environment where young children can explore dance, music and imagination. It is my goal to to help each child develop:

- Gross and fine motor skills

- musicality

- dance class etiquette

- socialization skills(cooperation and self control)  

Miss Matrisha's Philosophy:

Young children learn most readily through play, especially when it comes to dance. In my classes there is a balance of dance training and play whereupon each individual child is acknowledged for their creative contribution. Classes are kept relatively small (10-12 students) and each child is encouraged to participate with the group and alone. Ballet history is rich in story telling and stories are often acted out as a dance during class to foster expression in movement. The youngest children in class not only dance they also sing, clap, count, tap and pose in shapes. All of the dancers are taught to move in rhythm to the music and to dance with vitality and expression.

Frequently asked questions about the classes

1 - What should dancers wear to class?

For Age 2 wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in with shoes or bare feet(socks or tights without shoes are slippery).  Children may also wear leotards with tights and ballet shoes.  

For ages 3 and up: Any color of leotard with tights and ballet shoes are required.  Tap shoes should be black with velcro or elastic closures. Ribbon ties come undone so avoid them. Ribbons can be replaced with tap ties or plain elastic.   

2 - Are parents allowed in the studio during class?

For age 2 parents are required to attend and participate in the class. If you have an infant as well keep them by you seat in a carrier or wear them in a sling/ snugly that is easy to move in.

For Age 3 parents may drop off their child or sit on the far side of the room quietly. Siblings are not allowed to stay unless they are quiet and can stay off the dance floor.

For Ages 4 and up parents and siblings are not allowed to be in the room during class.

3 - Do children dance in a recital?

Starting at age 3 children perform on stage in a late spring recital for their family and friends.  All recitals require the purchase of a special costume. Childre in the Pre-ballet First Class (Age 2-3) do not perform in a recital. 

4 - What locations are the classes held at?

Classes are held at Terra Linda Recreation in northern San Rafael, Sausalito Recreation in the Sausalito City Hall and Library building, and San Bruno Recreation in the San Bruno City park facility.

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